WordPress SEO image plugin


Of course, through out the course of creating and posting information on your blog you will want to use photos and images. These in themselves will need to be optimised for search engines and named and described for visitors (usually).

The SEO-image plugin does this for you and once configure, sets up all the images with “Alternative” and “Title” attributes.  Alternative text in images is the small segment of text you see when you hover your mouse pointer over an image on a website and this also serves to tell the search engines what the photo or image is along with the title.

The plugin can be set up and configure in different ways to suit the requirements for your site and the plugin.

Author: Vladimir Prelovac

Download the SEO Image plugin for WordPress.

WordPress Redirection Plugin


Before we get into explaining this plugin we need to address the problem it fixes.

When you create a post on your site it will have a URL or page address (depending on your permalink set up it will look different but this issue is the same) and after you create that post and address you need to change it for one reason or another, say for example you misspell a word in the title, but the problem is you have already added this address to twitter, or Digg or told someone to look at it via email.

If you make a change to the address this would mean that when someone clicks the old link they will instead be presented with an error page because it no longer exists. This error page is called a 404 Page and means, quite literally, that the page does not exist.

This is where the Redirection plugin comes in. Activating Redirection means that the configuration for adding a redirect to the original page to the new address is automatic. You have to do nothing (aside maybe from not making spelling erros in the first place!) and the redirect it puts in place is called a 301 redirect.

A 301 redirect is very important in internet terms because it is the accepted format for search engines as well, who will see this code and any ranking, links or PageRank you had assigned to the page will follow it and maintain its integrity.

All done automatically. The plguin also offers a range of other features as well that can be used for analysis and tracking of redirects and setup etc, incredibly useful and powerful.

Author: John Godley

Download the WordPress Redirection plugin.

WordPress Robots Meta Plugin


This list is beginning to sound like a promotion for this guy, but frankly, he deserves it.  Yes it is Joost de Valk again. The Robots Meta plugin is a great way of configuring your site to allow and disallow the search engines from indexing particular pages.

The reason for this is quite simple.  It means that you can advise the search engines what pages are unique and important for them to look at and which are not through adding commands such as Index, No Index, Follow and No Follow helping to avoid duplicate content issues on search engine results page.

No need for extended explanations on how to copnfigure the plugin as Joost has done it already in this video.

How to use the Robots Meta Plugin from Joost de Valk on Vimeo.

Author: Joost de Valk

WordPress Robots Meta Plugin.