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Have you heard of Twitter? What about Digg? Delicious, Spunn, Flickr, Stumble Upon and Technocrati? I’m sure you have heard of Facebook! But are you aware that you can generate business from these websites?

There is a business and social revolution going on today. This is a fact. You might be aware of it, you might not. If you are aware, the question is, what are you doing about it NOW? If you are not, then you are in danger of falling behind the competition who are benefiting and developing their business in the social media sphere.

The Social Media Revolution

The face of the internet is changing dramatically today, the doors are opening, the rules are changing and you and your business need to be able to adapt and change with it to grow, develop and benefit from these new requirements and possibilities.

If you aren’t using these new functions and features, you are missing out on the greatest opportunity for building relationship with your customers and prospects, increasing your brand equity, encouraging loyalty and creating community. The value in this aspect of business is incalculable.

How I can help you?

I offer a range of services for individuals, businesses and companies in Social Media:

  • *Education

  • *Implementation

  • *Application

Social Media Education

“An education is expensive, but being a fool costs more”
I offer a hands on service to educate you or your company on what social media is.
Plain and simple.

I offer an educational course which lays the foundation for your future in Social Media and includes Search Engine Optimisation, blogging, tools and applications and social websites and allows you to make the right decision for you and your business to gain maximum exposure in the correct way.

If you are interested in gaining this valuable knowledge it can be arranged for individuals or groups.

Social Media Implementation

Implementation for social media involves one incredibly important thing. That subject is YOU.

By establishing your unique presence on line you are in the position to speak, listen and communicate with the whole world as an individual, give your views, offer your services, promote your business and develop new and repeat business. This requires a blog. Yes I said a blog. Though an incredibly flexible, search engine friendly, highly optimised medium of a blog.

Blogs can be added quickly and easily to your current website or on a totally separate domain depending on your business model and will open the doors to your social media experience and allow you to develop your presence in line with your needs, day by day, week by week. The implementation of your blog is the core area of your business and I can offer a full range of services to ensure you get an incredibly effective medium in conjunction with your social media presence to ensure maximum return and exposure.

Social Media Application

Not that you know about Social Media, and you have the tools, how do you go about using them effectively?

This is where application comes in. How to manage your time, what to focus on, when and where. How to write blog posts effectively, when to write them, and about what, how your range of tools can be used as an asset to you and your business effectively and with long term goals made clear via a straight and succinct strategy.

This is application.

Please feel free to contact Justin Parks for more information about Social Media Optimisation.