Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I offer Search Engine Optimisation and consultancy services for business and commercial websites with the aim of increasing the sites exposure and relevancy with the final aim of achieving that businesses goal, whatever it may be. I focus mainly on the Search Engine Google but will cover both Yahoo and MSN as well as although not considered to be the major Search Engine on the internet they are important non the less.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be applied at any stage, however each and every site is unique and depending on the initial requirements and brief will have been created in its own particular way. This can result in a requirement to have a website design and structure overhauled so be prepared!

Not all web designers and developers create their sites with Search Engine Optimisation in mind for a variety of reasons but it your a business and you need your website working for you then changes both major and minor can be expected.

I have extensive experience dealing with both designers and developers, but also directly with businesses and business owners and can work closely with them to achieve the required results in the most efficient manner possible.

Process, Implementation and Planning

Search Engine Optimisation takes in a wide range of disciplines and variables that must be considered and can affect every part of the site and the business. My suggestions are never made lightly and never without proper research to ensure that the correct method is employed.

The process of Search Engine Optimisation can be a scary one for businesses today. So many companies offer so many confusing services it can all become murky and the tendency is for businesses to be attracted to the guarantee of success at the lowest possible price when realistically this is an impossible achievement and ultimately will serve to damage the business, sometimes irreversibly, but black hat or unethical SEO tactics and techniques causing irreparable damage and even meaning that the whole online business must be scrapped.

The most important aspect initially for any business employing a professional Search Engine Optimisation is the budget assigned to the project or campaign. Remember that quality does not come cheap and even with a strong and realistic budget there are never guarantees or ways of speeding up the process. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be avoided.

Part of SEO that is not addressed and which I believe is of incredible value and importance is the interaction of the visitor ONCE they have reached the website. Spending time and effort in marketing a website only to have potential clients turn away at the first hurdle is obviously a complete waste of time and effort to all parties involved.

The process of SEO that I employ will revolve around this structure:

  • Establish the business model, what are your aims, how are you currently satisfying these aims and what plans have you for the future.
  • Study the competition. How are they working, what are they doing and how are they reaching their goals.
  • Establish the initial key phrases relevant to your business and then research to find the best set of related key phrases.
  • Begin working on the different sectors and authority websites that your business can be involved in to help promote your product or service.
  • Review and revise the website layout, navigation, code, landing pages and process to maximise results.
  • Implement the key phrases into the website and begin the process of promoting them on the search engines.
  • Idea generation for new or different approaches to effectively market the business via current tools offered by Social Networking or blogging helping to build loyalty, community and repeat and referral business.
  • Generate press releases and expose your business to a target market group who are already searching for you.

There are no short cuts, no quick and easy ways to make SEO work. If anyone tells you differently, run a mile.

I think this is more than enough to swallow at this stage and the points above are a simple and general overview of the areas I cover when working on an SEO campaign or project.

If your are seriously considering my services and you haven’t been taken in by the cheap, nasty and dangerous providers of SEO yet please feel free to contact me for more information.

  • sumit

    what all services are to be provided in the SEO work ??

    • Justin Parks

      It will depend on your skill set and aims and what you specialise in.